Our Story
Our story begins in Bangkok Thailand, as a little girl Jdar was often amazed by the colours and fragrant spices used on the meals her family would cook. She would often sit there and just watch...watch how these fantastic dishes were created and most importantly always with love.

Food in Thailand is exactly that, it’s a love affair and a very important and revered part of Thai culture. Over the years Jdar leaned the traditional Thai way of cooking and as she got older started to fuse these dishes with a more contemporary feel which is what she brings to her menu today.

Jdars love and passion for Thai food is tasted in every dish she creates what’s more, if there is a favorite Thai dish that’s not on the menu please ask as sapsap would be only too happy to oblige if they can!

we are determined to bring authentic and contemporary Thai cuisine to Ramsgate so if you are looking for a Thai restaurant serving great food please drop in we would love to see you!!